Practical Preventive Measures for Ear Mite Infestation and Infection in Dogs

If you have a pet dog and you can see that it is having an itch in its ear area, then it is possible that your pet is struggling from annoying ear mites. These mites are actually parasites that would not only cause discomfort, irritation, and pain to your pets, but will also lead to different kind of ear infections that may progress further to much more detrimental health condition. For these reasons, it is essential to address this issue on your pet without any kind of delay.

There are various causes of proliferation of ear mites in dogs. These may include improper hygiene, poor nutrition, and co-existence of other pets infested with the parasite.

Dr Dogs Ear Oil, a dog with without proper hygiene is attractive to mites and the most favorite areas of these mites would include the ear.  When this happens, the bite of these mites would cause irritation and pain. The constant scratches and the bite can cause wound formation and later on dog ear infection. But with regular bathing, any mite will be washed away upon the bathing action. When added with the use of mechanical grooming technique such as dog comb and dog mite repellent products, there is no way that mites can survive and cause ear infection.

Secondly, pet dogs without good nutrition will likely to get mite infestations as compared to those that have proper food nutrients. This is because the dog's immune system will be weakened to fight back against ear mites and infection. Therefore, it is always recommended for dog owners to always give their pets nutritious food items to fortify their resistance against mites and other forms of diseases.

Sometimes a dog owner will never know what would be the cause of mite infestation on his or her dog no matter how regular or proper bathing is done or by Dr Dogs Ear Oil, and nutritious food as well as vitamin supplements are given. In cases like this, an owner should be able to determine if there are stray cats and dogs around or animals visiting their pet since a lot of times these uninvited guests are the reason for the mite infestation and infection. Simply get rid of these stray animals in every effective but decent ways you can think of. 

When everything seems not to work, then it would be time to consult veterinary experts. However, you must make sure that you seek the services of these professionals at the right time or before ear infections in dogs or mite infestations will get worse.